Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Forgetting Sarah Marshall

An Apatow Production written by Jason Segel? Sign me up. One of the most under appreciated comics out there, Segel delivers time after time in whatever he does. So obviously this movie had a lot to live up to. Forgetting Sarah Marshall tells the story of struggling musician Peter Bretter, played by Segel, and his attempts to get over his celebrity ex-girlfriend, Sarah Marshall, played by Kristen Bell. He takes a trip to Hawaii where, coincidentally he runs into his ex along with her new boyfriend played by Russell Brand. Along Peter's vacation he encounters some crazy characters typical of Apatow films and he learns to forget Sarah Marshall.

The standards for Apatow productions has gone steadily up since Knocked Up in 2007. His comedies perfectly capture the sense of humor of the ever-important 18-25 year-old range. Having said that, Forgetting Sarah Marshall doesn't disappoint. Jason Segel is brilliant as Peter Bretter, probably because he wrote the part assuming he would play the role. I'll take that with a grain of salt; he still shines in the lead role. Kristen Bell plays the cheating girlfriend character surprisingly well, considering many roles she's payed have been the innocent girl-next-door type. I also view this movie as Mila Kunis' most important role. It establishes her niche as an actress and brought her back into the spotlight after That 70's Show. Russell Brand shines in his role as Aldis Snow; every line he delivers hits hard and is very laughable. This movie absolutely fulfills the Apatow standard and is a constant laugh from beginning to end.

Grade: A-

Some high-billed actors: Box Office
Notorious production/direction - Box Office and Oscar

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